Increased global competition and oversupply of goods and services has made investing in the professional development of individuals and staff an essential part of business operations. As a proven method to increase efficiencies, innovations, job satisfactions and more; all of which translate into greater ROI. Skillian was formed on the notion of providing & facilitating training and courses on the principles of; 

  • Tailoring the training to meet your needs 
  • Up to date and relevant course material 
  • Flexible training delivery 

Skillian is an accredited training facilitator in Technical, Occupational Skills and Professional and Management Development Training. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

Our Goal 

To offer top quality training and digital certifications, we believe it’s key
to partner with the best in industry across business and education sectors.

To empower companies and individuals to realise their full potential through tailored, high-quality training solutions designed and delivered with the intention of adding value.

Public Trainings 

Public courses are open to all, irrespective of company and domain. These courses are offered in various fields and cover a range of outcomes. From preparation courses for professionals looking to gain accreditation or weekend and weekday courses for continuing professional development hours for certified individuals. Along with Soft-Skill Courses that enhance workplace communication and personal skills

Corporate Trainings

Skillian provides cost-effective training solutions tailored to your organizational needs at your preferred location and time. Our network of expert instructors and course facilitators can adapt course content and materials to based on your outcomes and pain points. From employee retention to improving Supply Chain efficiencies, we facilitate training in technical and occupational skills to management development soft skills. We cover courses and CPDs in Aviation, Healthcare, HSE, Project Management and more, with a focus on in-house training solutions for employers looking to maximise ROI on talent development.Trainings can also be adjusted to meet your KPIs in terms of content, dates, and durations, and offered in-house, at an external location of your choice, at our training facility or virtually.

Our Corporate Services 
  • Our Training Topics
  • Our Services
  • Aviation
  • Computer Training
  • Healthcare
  • Conferences
  • HSE
  • Seminars
  • Project Management
  • Education Support Services
  • Leadership & Management
  • Technical & Occupational Skills Training
  • FInance & Accounting
  • Professional & Management Development Training
  • And more, Contact us to Know more

The Skillian Advantage 

Skillian facilitates the delivery of training in various scenarios across multiple fields through qualified instructors.
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  • Individuals 
  • Companies
  • New ideas and insights
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale
  • Increased competitiveness and efficiency
  • Increased innovation in processes and strategies
  • High-level networking
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Increased job mobility
  • Enhanced capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Feedback from experienced trainer
  • Increased workplace engagement
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Increase Retention

A new generation of self-aware and driven employees who have access to the global job market has created a culture of job hopping and career shifts. Making it a point to be a part of their growth with training and development makes your organization more appealing in the long term, builds their enthusiasm and trust and reduces recruitment costs as part of talent retention.

Keeping up with Transformations

The state of business is constantly evolving as new techniques, practices, and technology are introduced. Employees should be empowered to keep up with the latest trends. Encourage them to embrace new technology, expand their education, and increase emotional intelligence to keep your business moving at lightning speed.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Investing in your best resource, your employees, grows your organization beyond day-to-day operations and assignments. As the organizations representatives, their knowledge, satisfaction and expertise are important KPIs. With training and development as part of the overall culture, their success is your success.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The competitive nature of the global market means staying ahead is a continual process. Continuing training and development ensures adaptability to new and updated industry information and techniques, increases efficiencies and gives your organization a competitive edge. The skill you need to become a real professional.

Training Flexibility

A range of training methods available ensures adherence to training budgets and training effectiveness. Public, In-house, Online and bespoke training are available to meet the budgets and training goals for organizations in various industries.

Cost Effective Solution

Our expert consultants and trainers are adept at understanding and addressing your unique organizational needs. Working closely with you to reach your desired outcomes. Boost your confidence, master "the field".

Training Delivery 

Flexible training delivery offers variety to meet the demands of business and professionals in a globalized landscape. Delivery methods available include; Blended Learning, Distance Learning, On-Premise and In-house solutions. Flexible delivery methods ensure absorption of the material in a cost-effective and convenient manner

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